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Those who are regular follower know that I would be writing my own article but I came accross and excellent website set up by a doctor and the following article says it all.

Those who are having incontinence issues, or pelvic floor problems such as painful sex, prolapsed uterus, prolapsed bladder etc or if you are considering surgery such as the TVT or TOT to correct stress incontinence please read the following article first.

Article by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP


The hourglass shape of a woman’s body allows the pelvis to provide primary support for everything above it. The pelvis is the foundation upon which much of the body’s structure rests, and just as with any other kind of structure, it’s important that this foundation be solid — after all, the rest of the body depends on it. Read more…

Recommended reading :

Hold it Sister by Mary O’Dwyer www.holditsister.com

Pelvic Organ Prolapse by Sherrie Palm www.pelvicorganprolapsesupport.org

Recommended products to control incontinence and to strengthen the pelvic floor

Incostress www.incostress.com

Kegel8 www.stressnomore.co.uk

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