Empowering YOU to be in control

Have you ever thought of an idea whilst doing something but never carried that idea through? We all have at some stage in our lives.

Your quick quirky idea could be something which could turn you into a dynamic business woman. Creative thinking and determination is all it takes to start the ball rolling. Ask any of these women from Supermum.tv http://supermum.tv/about/

They will all tell you  the road is long and difficult, but somewhere along the way, you get your break and it all seems worth it.

Supermum.tv was set up to help women who have an idea to be able to take the step into developing a business. We have the expertise that can guide you and train you.

All of us at supermum.tv at some stage have been down the road where we have looked back and said “If only I had known, I’d have done it differently and saved me a lot of money”.

The supermums are here to help other women from making those same mistakes. We are here to help you get an idea off the ground and here to support each other from things like, calling up Swansea Sound agony aunt Lynda Bevan when things are not so good and all around seems as if there isn’t anywhere to turn. Lynda a trained psychologist has written many self help books available in Waterstones, WH Smith, Amazon and many other outlets. Lynda also runs a charity called Aids Trust Wales. Read more about Lynda on http://supermum.tv/portfolio/lynda-bevan/

Want to learn how to open up a business in the personal trainer area? Then look no further Supermum Tara has all the answers. Tara runs the fitness centre at the Dragon Hotel in Swansea. http://supermum.tv/portfolio/tara-hammett/

Think you have the answer to the next life saving device, then Gaynor Morgan is our Medical device expert and former Welsh Woman of the year in science and technology. http://supermum.tv/portfolio/gaynor-morgan/

Did you know that there are government grants available for your start up business? Do you know how to apply or where to go? If you don’t contact us or like us on facebook, for us to help you help yourself.

More from our Supermums later.

To find out more go to www.supermum.tv and done be selfish, go and pass this to your friends via twitter and facebook. Supermum.tv holds the key to success for you ladies who have the idea but don’t know where to start.

Why do we do what we do? Because we are Supermums.

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