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£10.00 OFF rrp  you pay £39.99 instead of £49.99 when use used discount code WWB at http://www.incoshop.co.uk look under the wellbeing tab on the left  hand side. Offer ends midnight 15th October 2011 UK time.

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Snoring getting your partner down?

For most of us going to bed at the end of the day should be the one place you can relax but for millions of people it’s a nightmare. As you lay there just dropping off to sleep you are woken by the aggravating constant rumble of the goings on in the back of your partners throat. It starts off like a purr then revs up to a high-speed train. Now you are at the point of no return, you lie awake wishing you had a throat pillow for your partner.

To add insult to injury they wake up all refreshed in the morning and you lie there, hair all over the place looking like something possessed!

Want to put an end to the misery, before you put an end to the relationship? Snorekil is an innovative product with proven results. Sleep disorders can lead to all sorts of medical conditions. Sleep disruption leads to a lack of concentration, irritability and conditions like raised blood pressure.

Sleeping with a snoring partner is one of the most stressful things which can occur. Snorekil will put an end to the snoring and allow easy breathing and a full nights restful sleep pattern.

It is available from mobility stores in the UK and Belgium – For Belgium try in a place called Binche at Medical Diffusion. They speak French and English. www.medicaldiffusion.be

Snorekil is also available from C&G Medicare Ltd in the UK who supply Boots Alliance with their innovation to control female incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor. Incostress. www.candgmedicare.com

The snorekil was designed by a dental technician and has won international awards and recognition. To go to a dental technician and have the same sort of product custom-made this would cost you around £500. Snorekil is only £49.99. Get a full nights restful sleep using snorekil.

Discount code WWB  at http://www.incoshop.co.uk exclusively for our blog readers. Offer ends midnight 15th October 2011 UK time.

Watch the video. Order today http://www.incoshop.co.uk/snoring-and-sleep-apnoea-17-c.asp


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