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What a splendid idea

Small/medium-sized companies can not compete with the giants who can afford shelf space in large retail stores.

Boots now offer a chance to all companies who have unique products to be a part of the giant retail world.

 Ordering on-line for some people is not an option, yet if a product is stocked on-line and not in the shop how do people over come this hurdle.

Simple. Boots now offer a service where you can order in store and have the product delivered to you.

Order Incostress at any of the Boots outlets and enjoy the luxury of them delivering to your door. No logging on to a website. No giving your card details over the web. Just plain simple good ol’ fashioned shopping with an extra service thrown  in from one of the most prestigious shops in the world.

Buy Incostress at Boots

Incostress available at Boots


Buy Incostress in Boots.

Incostress is a medical device used by the medical profession to help women control incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Incostress is the ONLY re usable medical device which controls the involuntary loss of urine and at the same time identifies and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

You don’t have to be incontinent to use it. Incostress may also be used as a therapeutic aid to strengthen the muscles.

Every woman should use Incostress especially women who practise sport. The impact of running, playing tennis, trampolining, basket ball etc has a massive strain on the pelvic floor muscles. Constant impact can damage the inner core muscles without you know about it, until you present with slight incontinence during the sport. Incostress supports the pelvic floor and cushions that impact protecting you from further damage as well as strengthening the pelvic floor at the same time.

Basket ball players have the highest record for being incontinent during the sport. Most of the women who will be playing in the commonwealth games will have experienced stress incontinence during the sport as some stage.

More information can be found on www.incostress.com

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