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Word is certainly getting around how Incostress can help women achieve a better quality of life. Following the launch into the Czech Republic, C&G Medicare are delighted to announce the launch into Superdrug in the UK. Women who suffer stress incontinence think that the only solution is surgery or pelvic training.

Incostress is the only reusable medical device designed to stop incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Innovator and Welsh Woman of the Year Gaynor Morgan designed Incostress originally to help her mother. With the help of the Welsh Assembly Government and clinical trials in Singleton Hospital Swansea Incostress is now widely available for women.

Physiotherapists and doctors are recommending patients use Incostress as both a solution and therapeutic aid.

There are many pelvic floor toning products but apart from them costing a fortune they are only used when the woman takes private time alone to actually carry out kegel training (pelvic floor exercises) Incostress is worn as a normal tampon and works from the moment it is inserted. Kegel training can be done throughout the day by the user without anyone having to know about it. When asked why isn’t the product more expensive as it does more for the women than the other expensive products, Gaynor replied, which should women living on the bread line be deprived of a better quality of life because they can’t afford such products. Products like this should be sold at a price achievable for everyone. The NHS in the UK spend around 2 billion pounds annually on treating incontinence. Each TVT operation costs around £2750 per patient. The product at £27.99 has the capability of doing the same job. admittedly like all products it will not suit everyone and this is why we always recommend women discuss their condition first with their doctor. We welcome the opportunity for doctors to contact us for us to share our data with them for them to recommend the product.

It isn’t so well-known and the reason behind this is that we are a family size run company trying to make our mark in a colossal world of bureaucracy and competition. Raising awareness is limited due to our resources, but nevertheless we intend to keep on doing what we love. We are passionate about helping women obtain a better quality of life. Working with some of the worlds leading urologists and gynaecologists has helped us understand more and more the needs of the patient.

Having the launch of Incostress in Superdrug now means that women have that opportunity to find a solution.

Superdrug have been excellent to work with. As a small business they have understood that we can not provide the same expectations as some of the global companies/manufactures and have helped us every step of the way. It is daunting supplying to such a massive well-known retailer but they have made us feel very welcome and I am sure we are going to enjoy a successful partnership.

Who should use Incostress?

Every woman.

Even before you reach the stage of ‘laughing and leaking’ keep those muscles in good shape.

Women who have just had a baby. Ideally used 6 weeks after giving birth to bring the pelvic floor back into shape naturally. Strengthen the core muscles from inside.

Women who are approaching the menopause and who have passed it. It is NEVER too late to control incontinence.

Women who have had any sort of abdominal surgery. Help strengthen the muscles. Surgery will cause tissue scars which weakens the muscles. Using Incostress will give you that extra therapy needed for a quicker recovery.

Women who suffer stress incontinence. Regardless of age there is a solution.

Stops incontinence and strengthens pelvic floor muscles

   Order yours now www.superdrug.com



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