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Mary O’Dwyer is an amazing woman who not only teaches women about their bodies she is a dedicated womens physiotherapist who has written books to help women. Her latest book Hold it Sister is available from her website www.holditsister.com and from leading shops in the United Kingdom such as Waterstones Bookstores and WH Smith also available from www.vivadirect.co.ulk Mary is holding workshops in the United Kingdom from 4th September for a limited time. Would you like to be part of the workshop? are you a health worker who would be interested in meeting Mary? Are you a book store which would benefit greatly from having Mary to do a book signing for the day? Contact Gaynor Morgan info@incostress.com for more details.

Mary writes fantastic news letters, here is an extract from one of the newsletters. www.holditsister.com to sign up to her newsletters.

Last week was the final appointment with a very important woman in my life – my hairdresser Julia. Her second baby is being delivered by caesarean section in 4 weeks time and I have loved hearing about her pregnancy and feeling her firm, growing belly each month. When I asked if she had any back pain from long hours of standing at work she sighed and told me about her pelvic girdle pain (PGP). Click here for more on this topic. 

Those darn pregnancy hormones were working to soften the ligaments of her pelvis prior to birth, making her pelvic joints slightly ‘unstable’. Sometimes she felt a clicking or grinding in the pubic bone which made walking and stair climbing difficult. Pain around her front pubic bone and groin made it difficult for her to roll over in bed or to start walking once she stood up from sitting.

I suggested she wore a stretchy sacro iliac band to give support over her sacro iliac joints (either side of her sacrum) with a velcro closure under her baby bump. This support adds a layer of compressive force to help protect the pelvic joints, including the pubic joint at the front, from wear and tear during pregnancy. She rolled her eyes when I asked if she was doing regular pelvic floor exercises and said she really wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be doing. Taking this a step further I asked her to lift up her pelvic floor muscles (PFMs) and watched in the mirror to see what happened to her tummy and posture. Her upper abdomen pulled back firmly while her bottom tilted under a little. I explained that instead of using her inner PFMs she was switching on her strong ‘6 pack’ and external oblique muscles which can overwhelm the gentler inner lifting action of pelvic floor and core muscles.

Wearing the sacro iliac support, standing tall at work and practicising correct pelvic floor muscle exercises has relieved about 75% of her PGP. She is so happy to have the PGP under control but I’m a bit sad knowing I’ve had the last organic conditioning treatment and meltingly divine scalp massage from this lovely mum to be!

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