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With all the focus on embarrassment or pads or the location of the nearest toilet it is easy to forget that women with urinary incontinence enjoy sex just as much as those without. 

According to Everydayhealth.com’s Dr. Kevin O Hwang studies have shown the women have the same levels of enjoyment and of activity…with or without urinary incontinence.

So, for the moment, let’s look at the benefits of sex for urinary incontinence.

Firstly, sexual activity is enjoyable and therefore might be easier to remember doing than all those exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. 

Secondly, according to Louanne Cole Weston, PhD, women report that the most orgasm-inducing muscle contractions are in their lower pelvis.

Should we be surprised to learn that these are the same muscles you squeeze to stop the flow of urine midstream?

If you imagine you are doing so then you are consciously contracting your pelvic floor muscles. You are doing your Kegel exercises.

So sex, apart from being an enjoyable activity, is a great way to do you Kegel’s which in the long run will help you control your urinary incontinence.

In addition, sex is a wonderful workout for your body and has the added benefit of relaxing you.

To conclude, why don’t you try to forget all the worry & stress of UI for a moment? Enjoy a moment or two of sex and reap the benefits. Healing need not be boring.

Written by Peter Nolan of Rubicon Healthcare www.incostress.ie

IncoStress is a medical device proven to control female incontinence and helps women strengthen the pelvic floor naturally

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