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I have been privileged enough to have had a job which took me all over the world. The one thing I picked up on my travels is even in the poorest of countries natural remedies for curing all sorts of ailments are sought after. After all the natural ones are free and freely available without chemical side effects.

Today we will look at the Coconut which many different types are found in tropical countries.

In places such as southern India and Kinshasa in Africa they use coconut oil in cooking. Oils contain triglycerides. These triglycerides are stored in the body due to the medium size of the triglycerides in coconut oil, this is able to burn more easily and is converted into energy where as the other triglycerides are of a long nature and are stored as fat in the body.

It has a high smoke point of olive oil, which means you can take higher temperatures better. There are several healthy omega 3 oils that we choose to consume, as flaxseed oil and olive oil, but do not do well in the intense heat used in cooking. Coconut oil can be used in higher cooking temperatures.
Coconut oil does not turn to fat in your body.

There are less cases of diabetes, heart problems amongst the people who eat coconut as a staple food.

Coconut oil increases your metabolism. due to this increase it promotes weight loss as it burns the fat and is able to convert energy quicker.

Thyroid problems

Coconut oil has been proven to improve the metabolism of a sluggish thyroid stimulating the production of extra thyroid hormones. Other common household food oils can inhibit thyroid function.

Coconut oil for skin and hair
Try an Indian head massage with coconut oil. It’s the closest thing to heaven. As you can apply straight onto the hair and skin with no preparation it won’t cause irritation, quite the contrary if you suffer with eczema, psoriasis, flakey scalp, yeast infections try coconut oil. You will be amazed on the relief.

Coconut  oil has antioxidant properties that protect skin from free radical damage, leaving skin soft and refreshed.

Athletes foot, try bathing the infected feet in a bath of coconut oil, due to the anti-fungal properties used regular this can help combat athletes foot.

In my next blog I will be giving you some recipes I learned using coconut oil and coconut on my travels.

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