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Nail fungus spreads quickly

Summer is approaching and how awful is it to see disgusting toe nails in open shoes.

Nail fungus (Onychomycosis) is caused by tiny fungus organisms that can be easily contracted anywhere. These tiny organisms are impossible to see when they first attack the nail, it is only when it’s too late that the fungus develops and spreads across the nail. The yellow spot gradually spreads until it infects all parts of the nail and further spreads to all the other toe and finger nails.

Nail fungus infections are easily spread from person to person. You should never share your shoes! 

It is also common among those who are about sixty five years old and above and people who have diabetes and other forms of circulatory diseases.

A cheap and effective way of killing the fungus is 2 parts water and 1 part household white vinegar. Fill a bowl with warm water and vinegar and leave your feet soak for a good 10 minutes. Dry carefully then take a cotton swap and dab an antibacterial mouthwash (We found Listerine original worked well) Do this every night for about 2 weeks and you should see an improvement. Depending on how bad the nail is will depend  on how long you treat the nails.

To keep the nail soft and in good condition, just before wearing shoes and going to bed, smear the antibacterial cream Ginseng Serum plus onto the nails and feet. Ginseng serum is available from www.ginsengcreams.co.uk

If anyone does try this please write to me to give your comments good or bad.

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