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Bescot Healthcare exhibiting in London Ontario

March 6th and 7th 2010


Bescot Healthcare presents Incostress at the Women's Lifestyle show Canada

 Bescote Healthcare are the exclusive distributors for Incostress in Canada. Vist thier stand at the Womens’ Lifestyle show London Ontario Canada. 

Healthworkers, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, women who suffer with stress incontinence and a  weak pelvic floor should visit the stand of Incostress. Using Incostress not only controls the involuntary loss of urine it also allows the user to identify and stimulate the pelvic floor muslces to start naturally strengthening them. Incostress is a clinically approved medical device now available in Canada. It is being used by medical staff, patients and women who want a better quality of life without having to use incontinence pads. 

Hold it Sister is a fantastic self help book written by Australian senior physiotherapis Mary O’Dwyer.     

visit Incostress at the women’s lifestyle show Ontario Canada Visit Hold it Sister at the women’s lifestyle show Ontario Canada


Contact Bescot Health today for your Incostress and Hold it Sister     

London Womens Lifestyle Show March 6 & 7

Come and visit our booth and meet Martin at the show and see our products to help you overcome Stress Incontinence with our two products; “IncoStress” and “Hold It Sister”. www.womenslifestyleshow.ca      

email: martin@bescothealth.com for further information     

Are you a Canadian phyiotherapist who holds workshops? Contact us and we will add you to our workshop list on our www.incostress1.com blog.    This blog also appears on Technorati code YJ726E3WVD9W

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