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visit IncoStress and IncoSilk in Canada

Incostress and Incosilk in Canada
Incostress and IncoSilk has officially launched into Canada. Bescot Healthcare is exhibiting at the Total Woman Show in Toronto. All are very welcome to come and speak to our leading health experts over any female issues.
For further information about Incostress and IncoSilk in Canada please contact Bescot Healthcare. www.bescothealthcare.com 


A clinically trialled medical device to control female incontinence and naturally help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.  

  • easy to use
  • re-usable
  • hygienic
  • gives you total control
  • no more pads
  • use night and/or day
  • made from medical grade silicone


IncoSilk is a smooth easy to apply cream. Suitable for adults and babies. Acts as a zinc replacement. Perfect to use on skin which has been affected by acid from urine or skin which is damaged from sweat.  Ideal for many skin conditions such as eczema, athletes foots and any fungal skin conditions.

  • paraben free
  • based on 100% natural products
  • combats fungal infections
  • stops bacteria from breeding in open wounds
  • gentle for babies and sensitive skin
  • Hylauronic acid to help skin heal and repair
  • lactic acid and citric acid prevents bacteria from breeding






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