Empowering YOU to be in control

If you are in the London area you may be interested in ordering direct from the wholesaler Health and Care
204 Raleigh House
Dolphin Square
Tel: +44 0207 821 0855

Health and Care is now supplying Incostress, Hold it Sister and IncoSilk to pharmacies in London. They have a very efficient service where your product can be with you in a matter of hours. You can now offer your customers a first class service without you having to hold excess stock.

Incostress. Order yours today.

Incostress stops bladder weakness and strengthens pelvic floor muscles

Incostress is a medical device to control female incontinence. It helps you identify and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Seen on TV with Dr Chris Steele and recommended by doctors, surgeons, consultants and health workers.

IncoSilk Cream is available in 200ml tube. All active ingredients are 100% natural. Paraben Free. It is ideal for the treatment of pressure sores. The lactic acid and Citron acid work in combination with each other forming a protection on the open wound. These two acids are able to prevent further deterioration of the wound by preventing further bacterial attack, allowing the skin to heal.

Hold It Sister written by Australian physiotherapist Mary O’Dwyer: This book empowers women to have total control over their bodies. In her book Mary teaches you how to re-train the pelvic floor muscles in simple easy to follow steps. This book has changed women’s lives for the better. With the correct training a flat tummy can be achieved without the stress of stomach crunches.

Order now from www.healthandcare.co.uk  CALL Tel: +44 (0)207 821 0855


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