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Do you believe in Angels?


Do you believe in Angels?

I am interested in hearing and printing your own stories related to experiences you have had with the other side.

After reading the Herald News I felt compelled to write the following.

I do believe in Angels. Never used to and was always very sceptical, always thought once you are dead that’s the end of the road.

My mum passed away in 2004, we were extremely close. She gave birth to me when she was just 18, so I grew up with a sister rather than a mother. Needless to say when her and my father split  up and she remarried nobody could have predicted the horrors my step father put us through. Which brought mum and me closer than ever, protecting each other from the violent sick monster called a  step father.

As time when on and I grew up mum and I had many ventures, strangely enough just before she died she said she had felt guilty for the life I  had and that she would love to leave a legacy.

Not thinking about anything further, she developed stress incontinence and at the age of 51 she was too ashamed to go anywhere in case of the sneezing and leaking syndrome. She ended up on antidepressants and this fun-loving woman became a recluse.

Both with nursing backgrounds we developed a medical device to control this problem. (The world health organisation has said it is more widespread than diabetes and costs the health service billions every year). 

We made a home-made device at home and it worked. It was so nice to see her back to her old self again.

Sadly in 2004 she died of a heart attack, leaving me devastated. After laughing and joking with her in the morning and that afternoon receiving the call she had passed away my whole world fell apart.

That night I stood on the balcony looking for answers, looking for a sign she was still around. Nothing!! Until around midnight, the song of a bird was so clear and loud it woke me and my daughter up. It sang right through the night until the other birds woke in the morning. That’s when I realised mum was here in spirit.

I heard nothing since, and lately have had doubts whether to continue my businesses due to the recession. You see, after the death of mum I pursued the medical device we created and had it clinically trialled in the UK under a leading urology team, this took off and saved around 30% of women having to go through surgery.

Being on my own in business has been tough and this Christmas I lit  candle and spoke to mum. I said “mum if you can hear me, I hope you are safe and at peace. I tried my best with our invention and I am sure thousands of women are grateful for a better quality of life, but it’s so difficult alone. If you are here, please guide me as to what to do next. I need your help.”

With that the lights on the Christmas tree flickered and the candles on the table flickered, no windows were open and nobody touched anything to make this react the way it did. I felt at  peace and not spooked by this experience.

I still don’t have the answer, but I am sure my mum will guide me in the right direction, I just have to be patient. Thanks mum for all you have done, given and for your continuous unconditional love. I love you.


The full story of my mum and I can be read on www.incostress.com

Watching over us

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  1. wow…your mom IS with you, may you continue to be successful with your business and may the Lord bless you and your family.

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