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MODFIT- Running

I found this information on www.modfit.wordpress.com and wanted to share this with my readers. For further reading visit modfit.

Good running requires maintaining good from (posture) throughout the duration of the run. Therefore, exercises have to be performed specifically and appropriately for your individual fitness level. If you’re performing exercises above your individual fitness level you actually put yourself at risk of inducing an injury instead of preventing one; an improving performance.  So let me give you a simple principle to help you determine if you are reaping the benefits from any exercise or not.  This principle is: “Function follows Form” which implies proper form produces proper muscle function. In other words, if you perform any exercise with less than perfect form you’re literally programing your mind & muscle how to compensate during running. In order to run more effortlessly and pain-free we must train our muscles how to work efficiently through proper exercise training. Your goal is to perform exercises slow and controlled. The exception to this rule is if you’re performing explosive or fast-twitch type exercises which you want to perform fast as you can CONTROL; notice the emphasis is on control. I will teach on that sum other time. Most commonly, athletes perform exercises far to fast because they want to get finished with the exercise because its hard. This type of exercise training is counterproductive because it allows your mind to easily overcompensate and not expose weak points which need to be strengthen by performing the exercise slow and under control.

The above information was provided by www.modfit.wordpress.com

Running can be a great way to lose weight, keep fit, keep the circulation going, clear the mind and in general keep you feeling good about yourself.

However, many women who suffer incontinence episodes stop doing the activities they used to do and get into the vicious circle of not exercising because of the embarassing leaks, which leads to weight gain which leads to the those embarrasing leaks becoming a major incontinence issue and many end up in surgery to control the situation.

Incostress is an non invasive medical device to control female incontinence and help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Clinically trialled in the United Kingdom and now being supplied to many Uk hospitals and clinics. Incostress has become the UK’s number one incontinence device to control those embarrassing leaks.

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