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Are you showing signs of pain during penetration. Regardless of your age it could be due to something which can be easily remedied. Vaginal dryness usually occurs after the age of 50 and after or during the menopause stage.

Men don’t realise how lucky they are!

Fact of Vaginal Dryness

Over 40% of women of post-menopausal women experience dryness and pain, but in the UK only 4 out of 10 speak to their doctor about it. Ladies this is your chance to change.

unfortunately the UK system isn’t as good as it used to be and women are more and more reluctant to seek medical advice if it is not ‘life threatening’ nevertheless there are certain conditions such as incontinence and vaginal dryness are life changing conditions which not only affects the person concerned by people around them also. These conditions need to be addressed before it is too late.


Vaginal dryness only affects those who have passed the menopause

FALSE. Vaginal dryness is a typical problem which occurs in women after childbirth as well as women during and after the menopause.  Due to the decrease in oestrogen the mucus of the vagina drys out lining of the vagina. Isn’t nature a wonderful thing. With the vagina being so dry it is natures way of preventing another birth until the woman’s milk glands have dried out.

Other causes are due to: antidepressants or an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s syndrome.

Oestrogen cream is prescribed for women with this problem, which in a lot of cases is a god send, but those who have undergone chemo therapy this is not an option. Women who have had or have breast cancer may not use oestrogen cream due because of risks associated with recurrence.

What can be done about it?


1. Keep hydrated. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day will help keep your tissues moist. Those with Over Active Bladders may need to monitor an input and output chart. This can be downloaded from our website www.incostress.com

2. Lubrication. Many women achieve instant relief simply by using a lubricant. There are a lot of lubrication on the market. Remember if you are using condoms (male or female condoms) oil based lubricants can deteriorate the rubber. Waterbased is recommended. Those who have undergone chemotherapy or have a history of breast cancer may want to steer away from products which contain Parabens. Replens  is a good product for instant long-lasting relief. Their single use tubes are Paraben free.

3 Don’t use the femine freshner sprays or purfumed soap. The lining of the vagina is delicate (like butterfly wings) harmful chemicals in these products can be irritating to delicate tissues that line the vagina.

4 . Vagnal douching is a no noIf god had meant us to hose inside he would have built us with an automatic internal shower. Douching can disrupt the vagina’s normal chemical balance, leading to inflammation and dryness. The natural bacteria is there for a reason. Over washing can induce thrush.

5 . Eat health ful amounts of “good” fats. Your body needs a little fat with every meal to make adequate levels of sex hormones. Flaxseed oil and soy, which have estrogenlike effects, may help somewhat with vaginal dryness. A good website I found for good advice http://www.judywatsonnutritionist.co.uk/

6 . Consider a topical estrogen cream and vaginal suppositories. They’re an option if your symptoms were brought on by menopause. But you’ll also need to take a progesterone tablet if you have a uterus to protect yourself from endometrial cancer. Bioidentical estrogen and progesterone are available for those who want chemically identical versions of the hormones made naturally by the body.

Thank you Peter Chen, M.D., Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA.

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