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Did you know that stomach crunches could actually be damaging your pelvic floor which could lead to involuntary loss of urine

It’s estimated around 40% of women live with bladder control problems. 50% with pelvic organ prolapse. In many cases, this is due to weak or uncoordinated pelvic floor muscles.

Women who do stomach crunches and who enjoy the airborn feeling of jumping on a tampoline are more likely to endure bladder weakness later on.

Hold it Sister is the revolutionary new exercise program by Australian Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Mary O’Dwyer.

Hold it Sister will help you:

  • Help you have and maintain a flat stomach
  • Understand how your pelvic floor works
  • Find, control and train your pelvic floor muscles
  • Gain improved sexual sensation
  • Recover control after child birth or surgery
  • Adopt the 10 protective pelvic floor habits
  • Learn the 6 harmful habits to avoid
  • Learn the correct information to teach your daughter
  • Understand which exercises damage the pelvic floor

From the sidebar (right) you can:

  • Purchase the Hold It Sister book or e-book at our secure shop at www.incostress.com
  • Register to receive the Hold It Sister newsletter and workshop announcements – these apply to Australia
  • Complete the FREE Hold It Sister Bladder & Orgasm Risk Profile
  • Register for Workshops in Australia

 About Mary O’Dwyer

Mary O’Dwyer is a pelvic floor physiotherapist, trained at the Universities of Queensland and Melbourne.

Mary brings over 30 years clinical and teaching experience to her books and programs on effective pelvic floor training.

We associate weak pelvic floor muscles with weak bladders, but did you know  that weak pelvic floor muscles affect men and women and can mean the difference between a health sex life or a life of unsatisfied silence.

Are you in danger of becoming another leaky lady? Don´t wait until its too late. Take control NOW!

guaranteed to improve your pelvic tone

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