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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence
It doesn´t have to be this way.

You hear about atrocities happening in far away lands, but read below and you will see that it’s happening on your own door step.

Statistics are stacking up and people are ´turning the other cheek´Not wanting to get involved so to speak. Stiff British upper lip.

“It only happens in poor families” Oh how wrong you are!

Domestic violence leaves a scar on the lives of all those involved. Children are the most vulnerable and have to witness day in day out mothers [even fathers) being beaten to a pulp, and the voice of the mother saying to the kids, go up stairs it will be alright. Well, sorry mothers it won´t the echos of screams will remain like dark shadows with the kids for ever.

When all has calmed down, the words “I promise it will not happen again” hangs for a moment in the air, the rage starts up again. Maybe a day later or a week even a month, but it is there waiting to pounce like a dominant dictator suppressing all those around. intimidating those around so they become so insecure and believe they are worthless that the best option is in this place.

 Living in fear is not living at all. It is an existance. Unless you stand up and speak out it will remain. Its not easy and a lot of women fear that its better in this envornment than alone. Its not! Seeking help is the first step; baby steps are needed until you are strong enough to stand up and walk away.

Quality of life is so precious and should never be taken for granted. Neither should you!

Domestic violence is chronically under reported, however research estimates it accounts for 16% of all violent crime and will affect 1 in 4 women in their lifetime.

  • It has more repeat victims than any other crime (on average there will have been 35 assaults before a victim calls the police)
  • On average, two women in England and Wales are killed every week by a current or former male partner
  • One incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute (Source: Crime in England and Wales 2006/07 report)
  • There were 48,801 incidents of domestic abuse recorded in 2006-07 in Scotland, and 87% of these cases counted of a female victim and male perpetrator.
  • The overwhelming majority of domestic abuses case (90%) took place in the home of the victim by a partner or ex-partner.
  • Just under a half of these incidents (49%) were recorded as criminal offence and only the 11% of these were recorded as serious crimes. (Source: Statistical bulletin – Criminal Justice Series – domestic abuse recorded by the police in Scotland, 2006-07)
  • At least 750,000 children witness domestic violence every year (Department of Health, Women’s Mental Health: Into The Mainstream, 2003)
  • One in five women in Northern Ireland has experienced domestic violence

Women with uncertain immigration status have no recourse to public funds so are not eligible for the protection provided by refuges and may be forced to stay within an abusive relationship. Read more on http://www.endviolenceagainstwomen.org.uk

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