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Hold it Sister

You may remember me writing about Mary O´Dwyer´s book all about the pelvic floor called HOLD IT SISTER . I can honestly say it is one of the best books I have come across.

The first time you read it you find you can´t put it down as it is so interesting, the second time you read it, you find out things about your own body not even your doctor would have told you, and the third time you read it will be used as a reference book.

It is so well written even my 14 year old daughter found it interesting. From a medical perspective I found it clearly illustrated and the technical jargon put into layman’s terms which is great to follow when advising patients about their pelvic body. So many doctors forget that the everyday woman who sufferers bladder weakness, prolapse etc is not familiar with the medical terminology.  All they want is an explanation why incontinence and pelvic floor damage has occurred and how they can self improve. This books gives exactly that.

A little about the book

The International Epidemic

 Today, it’s widely recognized there is an international epidemic of pelvic floor problems with up to 40% of women suffering with incontinence and 50% with pelvic organ prolapse.

Years of working with women has given me a window into how their lives are shaken when the ‘down under’ area of their body fails.

You look after yourself for years, work hard, maybe have children and raise a family.

You have a fitness routine of sorts and perhaps even joined a gym or hired a trainer.

 So why does your pelvic floor let you down? Initially only in small ways – a slight leak on sneezing or heavy lifting – but then later it gets more frequent and occurs with less provocation. Or you might notice a feeling of ‘losing it’ – like your insides are not holding up very well and an internal sensation of dropping down – the feelings of a prolapse.

 It can be so frustrating to be told ‘not to worry, it’s all part of being a woman’, or ‘well, what do you expect at your age’, or ‘don’t panic, we can fix that up with a little surgery’.

 For many, surgical outcomes are unsatisfactory or don’t last as they still have problems which severely limit their quality of life, self esteem and intimate relationships. Certainly some problems of prolapse and incontinence need surgical assistance but this alone does not guarantee a full recovery.

 The reason is simple – the pelvic floor is a muscular dynamic sling that must WORK CORRECTLY for the surgical procedure to be completely successful. Not just secured with mesh, loops and stitches, but actually work correctly.

 Younger women often mistakenly think these problems only happen to ‘older women’; they could not be more wrong. Teenagers, young women and elite athletes also suffer with stress and urge incontinence. Other women strain their pelvic floor with incorrect exercise or gym programmes. Women who choose an elective Caesarian birth have the same rate of urge incontinence at age 50 as women who birth vaginally. Women who are incontinent before pregnancy are 5 times more likely to be incontinent after delivery.

 As pelvic floor problems can affect women during any stage of their life, I have written a book which covers all of the life stages. ‘Hold It Sister’ – A confident girl’s guide to a leak free life, has chapters on the following

 The Young Pelvic Floor – what to do before you have problems

The Sporting Pelvic Floor – care and commonsense

The Pregnant Pelvic Floor – a tough time for the pelvic floor

Birth and The Pelvic Floor – even tougher!

Post Baby Pelvic Floor – including a detailed guide to return to activity

Sex, Surgery & the Pelvic Floor – enjoying sex and avoiding surgery

Pain and the Pelvic Floor – pelvic pain strategies

Gym and the Pelvic Floor – safe and appropriate exercising

Menopause and the Pelvic Floor – changes occurring

The Older Pelvic Floor – it doesn’t have to fade away

You will find chapters on –

 What is your pelvic floor? – what it does, how it works, why it fails

  • The 6 damaging pelvic floor habits which are barriers to recovery
  • Three steps to learning THE CORRECT PELVIC FLOOR ACTION
  • Ten healthy habits for the pelvic floor

 ‘Hold It Sister’ is designed to give you the correct information to regain pelvic floor control, teach your daughters the correct habits and help other women in your life. I know this book can transform women’s lives, I have seen the results in my clinical work. It gives me great joy to help women, which is why a percentage of the book proceeds are donated to the Fistula Foundation to assist their work in Ethiopia with women whose lives are destroyed by birth trauma to their pelvic floor.

 Mary O’Dwyer

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist  www.holditsister.com

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