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C&G Medicare Ltd manufacturer of Incostress and Incosilk would like to welcome our latest distributor to the team. Klausz Kft have been appointed as our exclusive distributor for Hungary.

What Gaynor Morgan CEO of C&G Medicare had to say after her visit to Hungary

I was amazed that a country you never hear anything about was bursting with culture, history, beauty and very kind people. We were welcomed so well by the people of Hungary. Taking a 3 hour bus tour to see a very small part of history made me want to learn more about the country.

The feeling of walking through the historical culture was overwhelming. I felt honoured to be welcomed into such a culture rich country.

The scenery is simply breathtaking. The country is split into 2 Buda and Pest with the Danube running between the two sides. The Buda side is very hilly and affluent where as the Pest side is flat as a pancake and industrious.

A little about Hungary:


Currency :  Hungarian Forint

Gastromy : Everything is delicious. The food is not spicy but full of  flavour. Hungarian goulash is a must as with the Chicken stew.

Shopping:  The main shopping area is expensive compared to the UK, clothes are more expensive, I guess due to import duties. A cup of coffee will cost you around 2 uk pounds. The coffee is excellent.

Spa : Budapest is known for the natural hot water springs and spas, a great way to relax.

We were only there for 2 days, not enough time to see and experience the full beauty of Budapest. Which only means one thing! We are now planning our return trip to stay for longer 😀

We would like to say thank you to the people of Hungary for making us feel so welcome.

We look forward to working with Klausz Kft.

Any queries about our incontinence products in Hungary please contact

Klausz Kft

1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo U. 18-22, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 329 4687 (office)
Tel: + 36 30 919 5443 (mobile)





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