Empowering YOU to be in control


Hard work certainly does pay off. After 10 years development and 5 years constant campaigning Gaynor Morgan earns a nomination for the prestigious title of Welsh Woman of the Year 2008.

She has been nominated in the woman in Science and Technology section.

She has also earned a nomination in Swansea Bay Woman of the Year in the category Science and Technology.

“It is not only a privilege and an honour to be awarded such a fantastic nomination but it also shows the world that Wales has a lot to offer the world. I hope this will encourage other women to follow their dreams.

I am a normal working mother trying to make a difference to improve lives. 

I feel very lucky to not only be Welsh but to have such great support from the Welsh Assembly Government, who without the great teams they have in place to help start up companies such as mine develop could not get off the ground.

There are thousands of fantastic ideas out there waiting to find a place in the market. I personally feel very humble that the various bodies have taken me seriously. Thank you.

With special thanks to Wales Innovators Network, International Business Wales, Wales Specialist support, Media Wales, Medi Wales and of course all the ladies from my ‘Leaky Ladies’ focus groups who have taken the step to want to make a difference to their own lives.


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