Empowering YOU to be in control

What a hectic couple of days it has been at the British Female Innovator and Inventor show in Cardiff. 

Wales is certainly capturing recognition for its talents, if not in the sporting events but also on the innovation side.

Incostress a device to control stress incontinence in women was presented with 3 awards. Special recognition award, best product design and packaging award and Innovator winner 2008.

Every woman in the show deserved to win, meeting the women made me realise that whatever you need to do in this world does not come without hard work determination and courage. Attributes which every woman in the show had.

There were women from all over the world. All had one thing in common, apart from being a woman of course. They all developed a product out of a need and necessity. Developing a product and getting it to market are two different things. Once you get a product to market, the next worry is will people buy it! A gamble for any retailer to take on. The determination and entrepreneur leadership skills some of the women have certainly has helped them tremendously.

Inventors and innovators are perceived as mad garden shed people with a wacky hairstyle. This my friends is far from the truth. Innovators have a perception of an idea, take this idea to a design and if lucky can manage to take it through to market.

I would strongly advise anyone who wants to enter into this world to think twice and be sure of where you want to go. Got an idea? GET IT PATENTED. PROTECT YOUR IDEA. PROTECT YOURSELF.

It can be a very expensive journey. And at what point do you say enough? My advice to you. Before you even begin, do your market research. Is there anything out there similar? If not why not? Has it been and gone from the market?

In my next blog I will send you a PowerPoint presentation of how to get a product to market, and still keep your sanity!

Incostress took best product design, but if I am honest my bets were on plug pal. I have bought one of these and this idea is so catchy. At first my comments were I don’t really need one. Its only until you have it you realise how useful it is. Now every room has one! What a great stocking filler for anyone who has a home.

I would like to the Bola Olabisi and her team for organising such an amazing event, she is an inspiration to any woman.

I feel very privileged to live in a country where there is support and funding for women who are trying to make it in business. Without the support of Wales Innovators Network , the Welsh Assembly Government and International Business Wales Incostress would never have been able to develop to its full potential. I would like to thank people who have been involved in this project and share the awards with you.

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