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C&G Medicare Ltd is proud to announce an alliance with the medical distributor Shortes. They have been appointed exclusivity as the distributor for Spain and Portugal for IncoStress. A medical device to control stress incontinence in women. The device has been clinically trialled at a leading UK hospital with results of women avoiding surgery and who are still using the device today.

IncoStress won a gold medal at the British Inventor Show in October 2007. Our next show is the International Inventor show in Geneva in April 2008.

Managing Director Gaynor Morgan said ‘ We are extremly pleased to appoint such an esteemed company as Shortes. We are looking forward to a very healthy and profitable synergy between the two companies.”

IncoStress the medical device to control female stress incontinence is a device medically approved. The clinical trials at a leading UK hospital has proved that this product not only controls incontinence but over time the pelvic muscles regain their strength, which is very much needed to control the embarrassing loss of involuntary urine.

C&G Medicare Ltd  are launching other products to compliment IncoStress.

Our latest  product  IncoSilk has been specially formulated to combat people who suffer soreness due to sweat rash, urine rash etc. IncoSilk is a natural cream which, helps problem skin and also acts as a barrier. Ideal for any incontinent person.

Incontinence is a subject which many people shy away from. C&G Medicare Ltd is committed to raise awareness amongst the nation, to bring about the necessity of helping each other and ourselves deal with the embarrassment of incontinence.

 IncoStress is available on line from www.incostress.com 

Take part in the survey and earn 20% off your first Incostress.

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