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Those of you who missed the WALES INNOVATORS NETWORK TEAM in action at The British Inventor Show can now get a second chance to see 2 of the inventors with their brilliant ideas at Birmingham Inventors Showcase.
Phil Crisp inventor of the ‘Happy Cats Collar’ did us proud by winning the INPEX award at the British Inventors Show, this enables him to exhibit in Pittsburg USA.

Phil and Scott show very promising in the world of entrepreneurs. Winning gold and silver medals at the British Inventors Show for their outstanding ideas.

Anyone who is interested to promote these inventors can contact them via Wales Innovators Network


Phil Crisp.


Happy Cat Collars(TM) are specifically designed to ensure safety for your cat. In the unlikely event of this close fit collar becoming snagged, the pulling movement of the cat effectively unwinds the coils, releasing your cat to walk away from a common yet potentially fatal situation. This collar releases easily and safely from the cats neck when caught, whereas most other collars offer some sort of clip that will release under pressure, this design allows the collar to slip away smoothly. There is no need for your pet to fight and twist to become unstuck.

Key Selling Points

  • Simplicity and low cost of production.
  • Self adjusting – no need for tightness checks.
  • Provides peace of mind to pet owners.

Looking for
License opportunities for Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution.

Rotary Shower Shield PlayhouseInventor
Scott Welch.


The Rotary Shower Shield Playhouse is a dualpurpose product. With it’s universal components, a water-proof canopy can be fitted to existing rotary airers, thus preventing washing from getting wet. It also turns into a large size children’s playhouse.

Key Selling Points

  • No more worries about washing left out in the rain.
  • Appeal to most households.
  • Saves time, space and money, plus entertains children.

Looking for

Licence for manufacture, marketing and distribution

 Good luck both of you at the show.

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