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Dear all,
What a week its been for most, Grand Prix, World Cup and BRITISH INVENTORS SHOW. FANTASTIC.
Ally Pally was buzzing with inventors from all over the world, shame there weren’t any press or TV to help us exhibit our ideas to the world.

The inventors made so much effort, where do you get your ideas one asks herself! They say invention is the mother of necessity, not a truer word said.

There were inventions from portable operating theatres to marketing smelly fruit from Malaysia, plugs to stick on the wall for electric plugs to be safe to plugs you place elsewhere to prevent leakage!

I must say that the best stands were those of WALES INNOVATORS NETWORK. I will be placing pictures of the WIN stands and their inventions here from time to time so be sure to call back.
From the 15 inventors to the organisers of Wales Innovators Network there was a fantastic camaraderie. I would like to thank the organisers of WIN for all the hard work that went into setting up the stands to enable us mad inventors to be able to show our ideas to the best of our ability. I know we did Wales proud 😀

One of the highlights of the awards ceremony was seeing Rod Lynton play “Chasing Aces”  to which his comment was, “this is what you inventors do” Not a truer word said Rod!

I think one of the most impressive inventions came from a 16 year old girl who had travelled with her mother and sister from the boarders of Turkey and Iran. She had designed and engineered a ‘Time house’ The house took exaclty 1 year to turn very slowly from start to finish. I guess this is ideal for all you Feng Shui idealists. She had funded this project herself and had put all her money into travelling to the show to exploit her idea. It makes me humble to be fortunate enough to have help in funding our ideas from the Welsh Assembly Government. It is only when you see how the other half live do you sit up and realise how lucky you are.

 Let’s kick off with one of the mad plugs! A great innovation for safety. A must in every home. Just think if you had had one of Janes Plug Pal your granny would never have tripped over that cable and falled down stairs, now you are landed with taking care of her.
Those of you who have kids, again a must, you wouldn’t want your toddler to pull on the lead that leads to the kettle that has just boiled. A simple yet effective idea such as plug pal could put your mind to rest. Safety is paramount where ever you are!




    FOUND IT !!!
    submit your idea !!!!!

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