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                                                                                    Location: Alexandra Palace
                                                                                    Wood Green, London 
                                                                                    United Kingdom  
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The misery of suffering stress incontinence may be over for a lot of women, thanks to a new medical innovation to control stress incontinence in women.

IncoStress has been supported by Wales Innovation Network and the Welsh Assembly Government.
Founder and Managing Director of C&G Medicare Ltd Ms Gaynor Morgan says

“It has been a 10 year development project, which has been a roller coaster of a ride can finally prove its efficacy.
Without the support from WIN and the Welsh Assembly Govt I could never have achieved this. The support I have had has been tremendous. When things seemed impossible and I thought I would never be able to achieve my goal, at my lowest moments I could always rely on the team at Wales Innovation Network and the team at International Business Wales to give me that extra push and positive energy to go on, for that I will always be grateful.” “My mum sadly passed away 4 years ago, we started this project together, I hope she is proud of my achievement, I miss her terribly but know that she is proud of what we have achieved.”

Through focus groups Gaynor is committed to raising awareness of this condition,which can be treated. To be able to make this world a better place we can work together. Women needn’t suffer in silence any more!

Natural Woman handles our Internet sales with a great customer support team to answer any questions.
You can also purchase from the IncoStress website. We look forward to being of service to you.

Contact the team:

Tel:  Int’l:                          +441179681414
         Sales:                       +44(0)8707019601
         Customer support:  +44(0)8970434884

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